Upper alert


Lower alert


≥۱۰۰ × ۱۰۳ /μL ≤۲.۰ × ۱۰۳ /μL White Blood Cell Count
Infant                    ≥۲۳ g/dL

Adult & Pediatric    ≥۲۰ g/dL

Infant                          ≤۸.۵ g/dL

Adult & Pediatric         ≤۷ g/dL

>71% (L/L) (L/L)  <33% Hematocrit (Infant)
> 60 % (outpatients) < 15 %(inpatients)


Hematocrit (Adult & Pediatric)
Pediatric      ≥۱۰۰۰ × ۱۰۳ /μL

Adult           ≥۱۰۰۰ × ۱۰۳ /μL

Pediatric           ≤۲۰ × ۱۰۳ /μL

Adult               ۲۰-۵۰ × ۱۰۳ /μL

Platelet Count
>50 × ۱۰۳ /μL <0.5× ۱۰۳ /μL Neutrophils
Presence of intracellular organisms.
Blasts on peripheral smear (1st time or relapse only), sickle cells.

[New diagnosis of leukemia , sickle cell anemia , Aplastic crisis]

Slide Review/Diff
Positive Malaria Screening
WBC ≥۱۰۰ Cells/mcL

(excluding peripheral blood contamination: traumatic tap)

Blast or Tumor cells CSF Count
Intracellular organisms, Blast or Tumor cells to be called as soon as a provider is available, which for inpatients is immediate, for others called next business day Other body fluid
>40 sec Prothrombin Time
≥ ۵.۰ INR
>75 sec Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT)
>45 sec APTT-LA
<100 mg/dL Fibrinogen
Positive Fibrin monomers
Positive D-dimers
≤ ۵% Factors II, V, VIII, IX, XI
≤ ۶% Factor VII
≤ ۷% Factor X
≤ ۵% Factor XIII, Activity
<25% Protein C
<20% Protein S
< 50% Antithrombin (AT)
<100% APCR
>42 sec DRVVT
Positive Direct & Indirect Anti Globulin Test; Coombs (DAT & IAT) on cord blood
Positive Titer of significant RBC alloantibodies during pregnancy


Morphology findings that trigger critical result notification

  • Acute leukaemia (>20% blasts)* and Acute Promyelocytic leukaemia*
  • Parasites including Malaria*
  • Blood film suggestive of Thrombotic micro-angiopathic anaemia*
  • Blood film showing bacteria*


*Urgent notification of laboratory haematologist of these cases is also required.



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