Critical result: A test result which may signify a pathophysiological state that is potentially

lifethreatening or that could result in significant patient morbidity or irreversible harm or mortality

and therefore requires urgent medical attentionand action.

Significantly abnormal result: A test result that is notlife threatening but that requires a

timely medical attention and follow-up action within a medically justified time-scale.

Alert thresholds: The upper and/or lower threshold of a test result or the magnitude of change

in a test result within a critical or clinically significant timescale beyond which the finding is

considered to be a medical priority warranting urgent or timely action.

Alert list: A list of laboratory tests, including critical tests and noncritical tests with alert thresholds

for critical and/or significantly abnormal results that reflect an agreed policy between laboratory and

clinical staff for rapid communication within a prespecified time frame and according to a procedure.